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I love this article Its refreshing and unbiased. It talks about the pros and cons of sleeping with your pet and lets you make your own choice, i love it!

We dont sleep with Jeremy. He has his own bed in another room, as recommended by our trainer.
The only times he sleeps with us is if we are travelling. I love it though. He is so warm and snuggly and let me hug him while sleeping although he does take up a whole lotta space...

Monkey sleeps with me 80% of the time, depending on his mood i am guessing... he likes to sleep 'on' me or snuggled right next to me but he gets cranky if i try to move and may try to 'hold me in place' by slowly taking out one little clow and digging it into my leg... so i try not to move..

we should have a poll
Monkey and Amy (cats)
Jermy (GSD)

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