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Originally Posted by dollface View Post
Thanks laceyf53! We live in a high rise apartment right now so building anything outside won't be happening til we move to a house and I will for sure hit you up for advice when that time comes!

I've never tried Feliway, have only tried the sprays that were cheaper than feliway. They worked for when we took them to the vet in their carriers (forest used to pee thru the door as soon as we put him in there lol). Does it matter if the plug isn't anywhere near the crate? We have 2 open plugs; one is behind a couch and the other is under the dining room table, both which are across the room.

I have heard you have to wait a month for it to start working, so I'd need 2 right off the bat and that might be expensive. What if I got a spray type and used it on his bed right after being out of the wash? Or would the plug-in be better?
I had the plug in which you can find on E-bay or craigslist usually, and i did have 2 because the area that my cats roam is more than 1,000 square feet. Each plug in covers an area of about 500 square feet. I have never used the spray, but I figure they probably work about the same.

Where did you get this kittie from? It sounds better for all involved that he goes to a single cat owner, so that he doesn't feel so stressed out. Some cats are very sensitive to their people and this problem isn't going to stop when your boyfriend hates him. If you start searching now you can find someone before you are forced by your boyfriend to take the cat to the shelter.
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