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If you are able to tactfully reply with advice, please do. If, however, you find you are unable to reply in a helpful or tactful way, then please refrain from doing so. To reply aggressively to a new member only reflects badly on yourself, and the community, and does nothing to help an animal in distress.

mihoko, many members here are against declawing (and, something members would do well to remember, many learned the information on declawing after thier own beloved pets were declawed). Here is some information for you--
If you do a search for declawing, you will find many, many threads dealing with this issue, which is where the above information came from. The information above is only to help determine what may be going on with your pet, as most of us realize that nothing was done with malicious intent, and that your concern is for the well being of your pet.

In the meantime, please let us know how the visit with the vet goes.

Your friendly neighbourhood mod,
You don't have to agree with each other.
You don't have to even like each other.
But please, respect each other.
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