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Originally Posted by PumpkinPal View Post
I keep the fluids in the fridge as recommended by the vet. She says it's better because there are B vitamins in it. I do leave it out for at least an
hour before so it's not cold for him.

I'll check into the other needles, good suggestion. Today will be my second
try, hope I do better and he stays put.
It is Lactated Ringers Solution with added Vit B? or a different fluid formula?

I used to put the LRS bag, kept at room temp w/no add ins, inside a giant ziplock bag into a sink of hot water for a few minutes to warm the fluids up. Warm but not hot - can be tested like a baby bottle on your wrist. Cats will react differently to warm fluids as opposed to room temp or cold fluids, much more pleasant when warm, their internal body temp is higher than room temp so that should make a difference to his reaction to the fluids especially the first bit already in the line.

Place a light hand on his shoulders above the needle so he can shift positions but not escape, you also don't want him poking himself accidentally with the needle as he moves. Eventually most of them learn to wait patiently until they're done.

Originally Posted by PumpkinPal View Post
I checked Binky's page. Odd, I thought the Healthy Indulgence was a
new product but it shows as last being updated in 2008. I want to
make sure I'm giving the right one. I noticed the Turkey and Duck flavor
is at 187 so I got a few of those. They like it! Unfortunately the other
two with numbers below 200 have fish flavors. Naturally, now they are
being picky and don't want to eat the other Wellness flavors now!
They may want it again in a couple of weeks, some cats need more variety in their diets than others to avoid food boredom.

Originally Posted by PumpkinPal View Post
Cancer, terrible thing. I've lost 3 to it so I know how you feel.

I don't have a holistic vet. I absolutely will let my vet know about the
Renefood as well as the food he's getting.
Thank you

Try as they might, don't give into the low protein/vet food hard sell, stick with healthy quality protein, low phos canned

Originally Posted by PumpkinPal View Post
I did try the water, didn't seem to make a difference. He loves the
baby food, so I'll keep with that. I notice it has cornstarch, I'm assuming
that isn't bad for him?

He loves cooked chicken, he'll gobble that right up.
Cornstarch is not easily digested, I would look for Heinz Organics or Earth's Best Organic baby food, they both have limited ingredients, no extra fillers

Add tiny bits of the cooked chicken to the canned food, make it small enough or smoosh it together so he's not just picking out the good stuff .
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