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I know what set him off, his spraying is ok as long as he does it on his own bed but it just makes the place stink. And cuz my bf had sprayed it with febreeze, I just knew he would spray it again but had NO idea it would be so heavily. I had to wash it twice with Tide Cold water and it still stinks but not as bad so hopefully if he still smells it then he won't feel the need to re-spray soo heavily. The part where he lays you can't smell as bad but the bottom where it sits on the crate it stinks so it really went through. Prolly gonna hose down the tray part this week and give it a good scrub.

You and me both catlover2!! As soon as I get hired after finishing school, I'm gonna rebuild my credit and put everything away for a big down payment so I can move ASAP!
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