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Once again, thank you for your help.

It's hard to gauge how much each is eating. I doubt it's 7 ounces, possibly
a bit less.

I was putting the pill inside the treat. It's a hard, little pink pill, just putting
in the food is a no go. The vet did suggest the pill pockets. If they are
ok to give him, I'll get some of those and keep the other treats to distract
my other two.

I thought the Pure Bites may not be soft. I used to give the Halo's Liv O Littles to my sugar kitty , they all loved them.

His weight results are up and down. I'm keeping on eye on it to make sure
there is no significant decrease.

I keep the fluids in the fridge as recommended by the vet. She says it's better because there are B vitamins in it. I do leave it out for at least an
hour before so it's not cold for him.

I'll check into the other needles, good suggestion. Today will be my second
try, hope I do better and he stays put.

I checked Binky's page. Odd, I thought the Healthy Indulgence was a
new product but it shows as last being updated in 2008. I want to
make sure I'm giving the right one. I noticed the Turkey and Duck flavor
is at 187 so I got a few of those. They like it! Unfortunately the other
two with numbers below 200 have fish flavors. Naturally, now they are
being picky and don't want to eat the other Wellness flavors now!

Cancer, terrible thing. I've lost 3 to it so I know how you feel.

I don't have a holistic vet. I absolutely will let my vet know about the
Renefood as well as the food he's getting.

I did try the water, didn't seem to make a difference. He loves the
baby food, so I'll keep with that. I notice it has cornstarch, I'm assuming
that isn't bad for him?

He loves cooked chicken, he'll gobble that right up.
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