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vicious over protective mama cat

Our latest foster is a mama cat with 4 kittens. They are 3 1/2 weeks old and were brought into the animal shelter on Friday. If they were told why, we were not. (I am begining to thing she may have been taken there for this kind of violent behavior.)

So, we keep them in the hall bathroom, but they can come out if they please. So far the kittens are too small and wobbly to do more than venture a bit out of the crate. Mama cat is nice to people but not overly friendly. She is a good mama to her kittens.

We have had them since Friday.
She growls at our cats when she sees them.

We also have two dogs. We usually have mama and kittens shut in the bathroom when the dogs are in the house.

Our golden retriever loves cats and thinks they should all be her friend.

She went to the bathroom door to see the new arrivals on Sat.
The mama cat came out and attacked her.

I pulled the dog away from the cat and the mama cat ran across the room to attack her again. The dog would not hurt a flea and she was just suprised and scared by the whole thing.

Today, the mama cat came out and attacked one of our cats.

I realize she is protecting her kittens but our animals are used to having lots of foster kittens and would not hurt them although the mama cat does not know that. And our animals were not threatening her in any way other than being here.

We have only fostered one other mama cat before and she was apparantly not an indoor cat and her kittens were older and we had to take her back to the animal shelter after a week. (That other mama cat was sick and would not use the litter box and tried to run outside any time there was an open door and she was not a good mama cat to her kittens.)

But these kittens are too young and it would be best to keep mama with them if possible for at least two weeks, preferably more. And she is a good mama to them.

I am not sure what we can do about the situation.

I don't think it is good to keep them shut in the bathroom all of the time.

Soon the kittens will be more mobile and won't want to stay in there anyway.

I think it would be best to keep the mama with the kittens for as long as possible, but we will not be able to keep her for too long if she keeps attacking our other animals.

Our animals have had all of their shots, but we have no idea if the mama cat has had any.

Any suggestions?
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