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Been hearing some things about Orijen...

Now, I don't know how credible this is, but apparently, Orijen has been changing their ingredients (not for the better) and raising prices on their cat food.
I really don't know how true this is- but, the small privately owned store that I get my stuff from (La Maison du Chien in Laval QC) isn't going to get any new bags of Orijen anymore- apparently they changed their ingredients two or three times.
I found out about this when I went to the store and a teenage boy was at the cash and told me that they were not going to sell Orijen anymore because they changed the ingredients.. But he seemed unsure of what he was saying and stuff. We just bought wet food since they had nothing but big bags of Orijen left over.
Anyway, I had prom last night and was out all day today, and when I got back home there was a couple of samples of some dry foods (as well as only two cans of wet- good grocery skills, my dad has. ). I guess the owners of the store were there to suggest things, and repeated the ingredients changing idea to my dad. I'm a bit annoyed that they went without me because I don't know whats going on now and I want to speak to the shop owners myself.
Anyway... Has anyone else head about this? I'm going to call the store tomorrow and ask about it, and I'll probably call Orijen too to get an idea of where the heck this is coming from. As far as I know, companies have 6 months of leeway before they have to change the listed ingredients, right?
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