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Just a lil update: Everything is going well here. Gizzy never fights when it's time to go in his crate. He keeps re-spraying his bed and guess who gets mad lol the bf only cuz he doesn't understand. It kind of makes the house stink and today my bf sprayed Febreeze on his bed so while we went to the mall, we came back to a stinky environment. So his bed is in the wash again even though it's just gonna happen again. I have no problem with him doing it except for the smell it makes when it's fresh. The crate isn't covered anymore because it trapped in the smell of the litter box, so I doubt that will solve anything if we covered the crate back up.

I guess my only concern is when we move to a house, I had the vision of him having his own room, either in the basement or an enclosed space outside. I don't think it's fair for him to be in a crate for the rest of his life. Might be best to leave that topic until we cross that bridge.

If anyone has any comments please do not hesitate

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