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Orijen is a great food, I totally agree with you for wanting to feed it. You should have more success with the chicken formula than the fish, in general I have found cats do not like heavy fish based diets and prefer chicken or rabbit. I would try a little bit of chicken stock in the food, or a touch of some other sort of broth. Wet food is great and all, but not all wet food (including grain free wet food) is created equal. The fat to protein ratios are not usually correct, and they usually do not contain all the minerals or even taurine that cats need to survive. In fact, the only two brands of wet food I know of that sell a completely balanced wet food are Innova (specifically called Flex) and Wellness. I am sure there are more out there, but I haven't heard about them. Orijen's protein sources all come from quality meats, and it is low carbohydrate which is very important! Plus, they process and handle all of their own food, and Champion Pet Foods (creator of Orijen) uphold the highest standards in the pet industry and process their foods only in their plant in Alberta, Canada. Most animal canned food comes from the same canneries (the only pet food company that I know of that plans to purchase their own canning facility is Natura). After hearing some horror stories about what goes in and out of those canning facilities, I will stick to a mixture of raw diet and Super Premium dry food for my cats.
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