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My dog was perfectly healthy until he was 6. Then he started to take fits.
The first time ir happened we thought he may have been bitten by a snake or ate poison. He never frothed at the mouth or defecated. We had him at a vet with in ten minutes.
They couldn't work out what was wrong with him initially. We had him on a drip over night . By the morning he was his old self.

Seems he is hypoglycemic.
It always seemed to happen after he had exercised a lot ,used a lot of energy or was excited. It usually happened over an hour after the event or sometimes even longer but he would always be resting when it happened. He had three fits in three months.

Next time he took a fit I gave him some honey, some bach rescue remedy to calm him down and a cold pack on the lower half of his back and just nursed him.. I was right onto it.

The fit lasted 10 to 20 seconds and wasnt as severe as the other ones because I acted on it right away.
The vet wanted me to put my beloved high energy foxy on valium. I wouldn't have that. Now I make sure he gets fed small amounts of low gi food( rice pasta meat oats etc,)and often and if he has really exerted himself a tiny amount of glucose or honey. He hasnt had a fit for a long time now.


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