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Thank you for your informative response.

I have elevated all the food dishes (he tends to eat from the others' bowls
often ) and the water dish.

The canned stays out all day. He tends to eat the majority of the first
feeding in the morning. I put out one 3 and a half ounce can split between
the 3 of them. I will open another can as they get hungry during the day
and into the evening.

I have used treats to give him his meds. So few are soft and I'm sure the one
I have been feeding (Whiskas) most likely isn't the best. I will get a package
of the PureBites.

The URG was 1.017. His T4 was 1.4. That's about what it was last time.
The vet is happy with his thyroid levels.

At the vet's, I weighed him before fluids were given. He was 11 pounds, 6 ounces. I've since been weighing him at home. He showed 11 pounds, 5 ounces early yesterday evening.

I began administering his fluids at home on Tuesday. I don't want to put
him through the stress of so many vet visits. He tolerated it ok, I think I
did alright. I used the pink, smaller needle. He sat well for most of it,then
decided to jump off at the end! The fluid sprayed everywhere. I'll keep trying,
he did get the full amount.

I have tried to stay away from the fish varieties. I noticed SCM posted
a link to some other foods the other day.

The pet store mostly carries the fish ones, but I did find the liver and
chicken. He seemed to enjoy that.

So sorry about your kitty. I'm happy to hear you were able
to share 3 additional years with her.

I've ordered the Renafood.

I didn't notice him going to the box straight away before, but I won't be
concerned if it's not a big deal.

Your suggestions are very much appreciated. I feel a bit better about
the situation now.
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