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Cats can be leery for a long time and hold a grudge.
I had a girl who got stepped on while my husband was going down the stairs. He almost tripped over her, yelled and swore at her, and after that every time he came in a room she would run out. And my hubby would say "stupid cat, what did I do?" She would have nothing to do with him at all.....for 13 yrs.! I finally persuaded hubby that he should be really nice to her and sweet talk her and pay her a lot of attention, and within about 2 weeks she was coming around to him, wasn't running away when he entered a room and shortly became his lap cat.

The thing is with cats when they get stepped on and yelled at they think you meant to hurt them. So my suggestion is to sweet talk to her, and yes your hubby must apologize to her for booting her along the floor and tell her he didn't mean to hurt and scare her. It sounds crazy, but it works. Having him pet her, give her treats and paying her extra attention, and not moving quickly will also help. Give us an updte.
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