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Originally Posted by Winston View Post
Hey guys I am only good for Thursday or Friday and Sat, Sun....not sure where you want me but you can let me know if I am needed.

How big are the cages? we shoudl try to limit the amount of drop off and pick ups too if we can because timing is everything and it may not work out perfectly for everyone and they could be waiting. Plus it will be lots of stress on Momma and the kitties...

So far we have Cpietra to L4H, L4H to Aslan? Aslan to Chris21711, Chris21711 to ?? this correct so far?

Maybe Chris could drive them down the 407 from her place and I pick them up somewhere along the way and bring them to 14+ or meet her here at my place??

Keep me posted..


At the moment it is Cpietra to L4's. L4's to Chris somewhere on Hwy 407, Chris to aslan somewhere on the 407, aslan to chicos, chicos to me. Or me to aslans and then back home. Hoping for Wed as it seems to be the day most are available. L4 isn't available after the 1st. aslan isn't available after the 3rd. I am working the 2nd, 3rd, 4th....... I am waiting to see what Chris, L4 and aslan come up with for Wed. I would like to get them settled asap.
Winston - I thank you for your help as well. You are more that welcome to come visit them after they are all settled in. Maybe you can be an honorary auntie to another little sweetie.
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