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How to help my kidney cat gain weight

Hello everyone!

I found this forum through a Google search. I have read several of the
threads regarding kidney issues. I'm still trying to learn what I need to.

Sampson was diagnosed with kidney disease 10 days ago. He has problems with his thyroid and takes 2.5 mg of Methimazole twice daily.

His blood work in April was fine, no significant elevation. The vet noted he had
lost 4 ounces from his previous visit 3 months before. I was feeding him, as well as my other 2 cats the Wellness Core dry food.

I changed the food to the Wellness canned. They didn't always eat that so
I occasionally gave Science Diet which they seemed to prefer more. No more
dry at all.

His next visit showed a loss of 7 ounces. The blood work shows a BUN number of 47 and a Creatinine level of 2.6. No crystals in the urine, his other blood work is normal.

He is not drinking or urinating excessively. He started the sub Q fluids, 150ml twice weekly.

I weighed him last night and he seems to have lost a few ounces from when he was in to get his first fluids a few days ago. I'm hoping my scale is wrong.

He does eat. I'm very concerned about the weight loss. My vet recommended the low protein food, but after doing research, I see that is not a good option. He will eat the Wellness, I will continue to give him that unless someone can suggest something better.

Also, is giving Renafood helpful? I want to stabilize his weight and keep him healthy for as long as I can.

I appreciate any advice.
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