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I also know an older lady who was having problems with her dog. She was told to stand in one spot and give the dog the full 6 feet of leash. *not thoes retractable leashes... garbage in my opinoin* when the dog got to the end of the leash she would give a quick snap of the leash and the dog learned that once he felt a pulling of the leash he would back off and let the leash fall lose again. With my dogs I allow them the full 6 feet of leash so they can sniff and stuff.. I keep walking and if they don't follow I give the "lets go" command and a quick snap of the leash and they come. I only have them walk on a heal if we are crossing the street or people are walking towards us or any other situation like that. Let the dog wear the leash around the house to get use to the leash...
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