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Originally Posted by Frenchy View Post
I would either get a halti or a harness.

but does your neighbor know how to train a dog to walk ? When the dog pulls too much , she has to stop and change direction ... type thing.
Thank you for your reply. Today when I saw how Jazz was pulling and the collar was unbelievably tight around her neck, I did decide to suggest a harness around the body. (I have a little dog who wears one.) She mentioned that she does have one, but that it caused her greater difficulty as somehow her dog was able to pull her with even more strength! That is why I was wondering if there is a specific brand of harness that I can recommend to her, from experiences of other members who may have or have had pulling dogs.....? It worries me, as I heard a horrendous story of someone who had a "pulling dog", and the dog eventually had a great physical mishap from the pulling, that ended up with very serious and sad medical problems......

And no. she does not know how to train a dog to walk ..... that is why I am posting on this forum.... to obtain some information to hopefully be able to help her and Jazz out, and to give to her some advice, links, etc... i.e. such as this little tip you suggested...."she has to stop and change direction ... type thing".....I would like to perhaps find some more details on how to do this method, as it sounds great.....>? (i.e. when she stops and the dog is still pulling and panting.... how does one physically then change directions? Are there any words spoken to the dog? etc.etc.) Thank you. I appreciate your replies!
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