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Originally Posted by Yamcha View Post
Guys, I got him grain free cat food, its called Go Natural, my cat doesn't seem to like it..
It can sometimes take a little effort to convince our kitties that the healthier foods are actually edible. For one thing, kibble is coated in smell and taste enhancers to entice cats into eating ingredients that would normally be unpalatable. On top of that, cats are naturally suspicious of new foods as a defence mechanism to avoid ingesting toxic substances. You can help your kitty overcome that by getting him used to the smell of whatever it is you're introducing. I would start by picking up the Whiskas completely and mixing a very small amount of the Go in with his canned Friskies. Gradually increase the amount of Go while decreasing the Friskies.

Originally Posted by Yamcha View Post
Otherwise its been a waste of $45..
You bought a case? That does seem a little pricey to me (Wellness is cheaper than that where I live). But it might also be a good idea not to commit to a whole case of one flavour/brand until you know what your kitties like. I'd suggest getting a variety of single cans and seeing if there's a particular flavour or texture that your cats prefer. Some cats also do better with a bit of variety when it comes to canned food and easily get bored if the same thing is on the menu every day.

Perhaps Petland would be willing to take the case back for a refund or store credit?

Originally Posted by Yamcha View Post
I got it from petland.. they are pretty expensive.. I couldn't find the brands you guys mentioned..
I'm pretty sure Petland also carries Natural Balance canned foods, so that's another option to try. Not sure where you're located, but do you have any independent pet food stores, or something like Global Pet Foods? They tend to have some better quality brands. If you're in the U.S., Petco carries Wellness now.

Here are store locators of various brands that you can check out:
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