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Question Shiba Inu advice: breeder recommendations, training, etc (in Toronto)

Hi everyone!

I've finally decided this year is the year we're getting pets and after much much much research on breeds it has come down to a Scottish Fold kitten (which is coming home next week!) and a Shiba Inu puppy sometime this fall.

I found 2 breeders from Ontario, but I would love to hear some recommendations. I'm also willing to work with a breeder from Vancouver as I'm going for a visit in December so I could pick up the puppy myself from there and bring him/her back.

I love this breed, even more so for the fact that they require a strict leader and are quite active while able to adapt to apartment life. We live in a high rise downtown Toronto, but this building is VERY pet friendly to the point of having a huge grass/tree area just for the animals to come out and play with their owners. It's something very unique in such an urban area otherwise.

I would also like to take the puppy to training, if anyone has recommendations for trainers in Toronto area I'd be very happy to hear.

Also, any good books to read in preparation? While the boyfriend has experience with many cats and dogs (lucky him!), I'm a first time owner and will definitely be the main dog person in our house. As such, I really feel like I should read a lot so I can set the puppy up right from the get-go. I want a dog that will have a happy and long life with us.

Thank you very much for any advice you can give!
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