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Originally Posted by Sew-sew-steve View Post
i was speaking about the people who were posting.

but your right, i shouldnt assume.
i personally haven't seen anyone being rude,stating opinions yes,,asking questions yes,,rude not so much.
even though no one else spoke out about it.

as the only muslim whos posted thus far, i think it is my job.

and about the dog thing, thats interesting.

what about viruses?
There is a thing called google,,,

now if you really want a discussion,,first,,,RickC posted a news link with some information,,,i can't say i SAW anyone respond rudely. A few questions asked and nothing slamming you or Islam..You really need to read what people are saying,,,and not come up with stuff that you THINK is between the lines.

I live in Canada not the US so i can't speak for them,,but i gotta say,,when we have religious nutjobs here,,they go off somewhere,,meld their little psycho minds together then kill themselves(excluding Charles Manson). What we in North America see is,,,when the Muslims nutjobs get out of hand,,they attack North America.....the world trade centres not once but twice i can think of,,,dropped planes full of people on govt buildings and one in a feild due to the people on board. As someone already stated just because a religion believed something 1000yrs ago doesn't mean it is practiced today...And thank god for that,,being one of the openly GAY members on this forum..i'm glad some religions change their views for the better or i would have been killed along time ago,,or atleast bashed severly.

One little peice of info i'd like to pass on,,the bible(any religions) the Tanakh the koran and any other out there,,were all written by man, thus it is mans point of view. When god almighty sits down with pen and paper and writes it out,,,then it is accurate.