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He does work with her in the training aspect and she will listen to him no problem if I am not home. But for example today. We were getting ready to go out and i was getting the kids ready and Bella was sitting at my side watching me and he said Bella outside which is the command we use for her to go outside and potty. He was standing their with the door wide open and She looked at me for like permission to go outside. So i said Ok outside and she went outside. When she was doing the training at the classes they only wanted one person working with the dogs at the classes. Because he works shift work he would come on his days off but would not be allowed to handle her in the classes. I don't know if this is common but they wanted the same person every class. Anyways I just find it strange because my other dogs really don't seem to be as loyal to one person. I guess it is just part of the breed. anyways I love them all and I guess I feel kind of special that we have that bond.
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