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my dog is strange...

I have a 10 month old lab Chesapeake bay retriever x. She is a good dog. Very obedient.... to me... Originally my husband got her as "HIS" dog because I had my chihuahuas which were not manly dogs. I agreed to getting this puppy since I was on maternity leave and would be home all day to deal with the training and the so fourth. No big deal dog picked everything up amazingly fast. He would take her for walks when he got home from work and play with her and stuff like that... I did all the obedience classes with the dog ad generally was with the dog 24/7. Well in the past few months the dog has become very loyal i guess you could say to me. She will sleep in the bedroom on the floor beside my side of the bed and will not move until i get out of bed. My husband could call her for like 30 min to go outside and pee and she will stay but as soon as i get out of bed she will come down with me and then go outside. If i am sitting on the couch or the lazy boy she is laying at my feet and will not move to go to bed or anything until I tell her to go to bed or go outside. Or even if I am in the bedrooms putting away laundry she will follow me from room to room and lay down on the floor until I am done in that room. She doesn't have a problem being left alone when we do go out and when we come home she is calm. No jumping or anything like that. Is their anything I can do to get her to listen to my husband? She will walk nice for him and when i am not around she listens to everythign he says. But as soon as i get home she is "my dog"
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