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Originally Posted by NoahGrey View Post
I actually am making a difference..I am working with a varity of organizations pretaining to wildlife issues...

It is hard to fix what is broken, when emails, telephone calls, etc go unnoticed. This tells me that they are not concerned in the first place or don't want to be proactive in issues that have risen..but i keep plugging away.

I think we can agree that omnr has dropped the ball and as of right now, no intention of picking it up.
I personally think you have the drive and stamina to do whatever it is that you want. One thing for sure is that you have never sold yourself out to appease anyone's view whether for you or against you. To me, I think you will succeed in making those changes as you are determined and persistant. You may have youth on your side but you also have determination and good intentions. You are solid.

I say Go Girl. I think you are on the right track with your observations and your intentions.
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