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No, I think you missed the nail completely. It's sad because with your passion for protecting wildlife, your youth and vigour, you could perhaps be a person who makes a difference. Instead you copped out but continue to complain.

If funding is the issue, then think of alternatives,
But you offer no suggestions. With your background in animal control you might have insight and experience others lack but you do not contribute it.

hence why when I am done school, I will be looking for work outside of the province.
Like many others. Suck up the knowledge afforded to you here and take it elsewhere. I suppose you are wise to recognize your own limitations. It would take immense energy to rally support and work to fix what is broke and in the meantime it is doubtful you could work for the organization you are trying to fix. Like the rest of us I suppose you have to work to put food on the table. Or gee, you could poach.

Are you referring to my "fabricated" report in your last paragraph? If you will read it more carefully you will see it is in full agreement with your own of what should happen. And in my case DID happen. A C.O. did go out to the site. He followed up just as you would. However, he cannot lay a charge on someone else's say so.

Throughout these posts I have fully agreed with you that there is a problem. I don't see any suggestion of a remedy. Only blame casting which solves nothing. In case you are interested, yes, at the grass roots level our household does write letters to media and authority to protest or comment on local matters of the environment which affect us. I trust you do the same.
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