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Jim, she is beautiful and so is your song.

When my Tipper girl got sick, I used to carry her for her walks--she got so tired so quickly. We had an icecream truck that came through the neighborhood nearly every day when I had her out. It played "I'm a little Teapot." Like you, I made up a song.

I'm a little Tipper, short and stout.
I love my mommy, there is no doubt.

I'm a little Tipper, cute as can be.
I love my Daddy, yes sir-ree.

When we let her go, I sang her song and added a final verse:
You're the little Tipper, brave and true.
Mommy and Daddy will always love you.

Your song is uplifting and makes me smile thinking of the special "walks" I had with my sweet girl. Treasure your time with Manda.
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