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I did talk to my neighbor for an update on Kitty. More ...

Kitty was still alive this morning and was going to the vet. A family member who didn't know Kitty was ill, thought he wanted to go outside and opened the door for him. Kitty is now sick and missing.

I've searched my property and will be alerting neighbors. I fear he has wandered off to die. Why won't people use the vet ERs? I can sort of understand if this was a rural area without any afterhours facilities, but we have several. My neighbor is concerned, but her husband does not like cats and would not "let" them take the cat to the ER (regular vet is OK). Sorry, but I would not ask, but I'm an independent-minded cuss.

We aren't allowed to let our dogs wander free and unattended, but it is OK for cats? Why do cats have a lesser perceived "worth"? Why didn't they take the cat to the damn vet? I thought we were doing the right thing letting the owners know he was sick. Why do I assume that others will do the right thing because I would? I could have just walked by--it isn't my cat. But I'm the one who is torn up because even though it isn't my cat, it is a precious living creature that needs help.

We have lots of controversy over our county's animal control--we had an officer shoot a non-vicious pit that was running away from him because he had spent too much time chasing it and it was a pit. Weapon discharged in a neighborhood with children present.

This whole situation makes me feel ill. Poor Kitty.... Thanks for listening. I do fear the worst for my kitty friend. I'm going to go walk the neighborhood. It is 100 degrees out right now.
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