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Okay so yesterday when Chloe saw the vet she said everything looked good. This morning when her assistant called she said that Chloe still had a bladder infection according to the tests. She prescribed the following antibiotics Orbax 22.7 mg, two tabs once daily for 14 days. Pugsrule I didn't read your post prior to talking to the vets assistant so I assumed she had done a urine culture as that is what I had asked for yesterday and I had to pay 75.00for the visit and another 43 for the test??? I've left a message with her receptionist to inquire about this as she did prescribe more anitibiotics???? Chloe was on her first antibiotic for 2 weeks, I don't remember the name as I don't have the bottle anymore. The second anitbiotic was Bioclav 250 mg, 1 tab every 12 hours twice daily for 3 weeks. I am really frustrated here, maybe I should try another vet???

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