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Originally Posted by Tundra_Queen View Post
Thanks for the working link L4H. The OSPCA go in the bush? There are millions of mosquitoes and blackflies up there! You can see in one of those pics the person wearing a bug hat? Well that is so u don't lose your mind by the bugs! I have one too and a jacket when I use to work out in my gardens all the time and that was here in town,,never mind in the bush. OSPCA would never go up there during prime bug season! Hubs told me that lumberjacks working in the bush would go crazy from the bugs and have to be brought into the hospital. Lots of the moose and bears come out of the bush too and go into the river to get away from the bugs on really bad years.
Do all those mosquitoes and blackflies go after dogs too? I know mosquitoes here used to get after a lovely , but thin skinned mare we had once, she would be trotting around the paddock to try and get away from them, and would canter to me if she saw me coming with Aerogard fly repellant for her. The Aussie bush flies can give dogs Hell too, and ponies. They get at the tips of the dogs ears and ponies will bite their legs raw unless you spray them.
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