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Sorry that my comment bothered, however i stand behind it. If funding is the issue, then think of alternatives, just don't let the issues/complaints rise and still do nothing about it. If they can't do the job, then it seems it should be passed onto an organization that can and will. OMNR has frustated me to no end, with their lack of ability to even want to help and or assist..hence why when I am done school, I will be looking for work outside of the province. They are no longer respected and will take years to get back to that status.

Originally Posted by Longblades View Post
Your local police are likely to tell you the same thing if you report many concerns. I agree, it is not right, but I understand they worry it might be a fabricated report by, say, a neighbour with a grudge.
That and CO's...While I know some people like to facricated a report, it still has to taken seriously. You can't assume a report is blown out of proportion. When I worked as an Animal Protection Officer, I would receive calls, that yes, they did seem a little far fetched, however again every call has to be looked into and followed up on. Not only for the safety of the public, community, but animals involved as well. I mean just think if no one went out on a call, because they assumed that it was fabricated and it turned out to be serious. The community would be in an outrage (as they should be) and our organization frowned upon and now would have a lack of trust.

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