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puppy stolen from teens arms in Ottawa

The last thing Dayne Cyr heard was the sound of his seven-week old puppy yelping, as dog-nappers grabbed it by the neck and drove off.

The 18-year-old said he was out for a walk Sunday afternoon with Sugar — a mixed breed female that looks a little like a pit bull — when he turned into the Burger King parking lot on St. Laurent Blvd. to get the pooch some water.

He said he was walking towards the stairs going into the restaurant when an a man in the passenger seat of an approaching car reached out and pulled the dog from his arms.

Cyr chased the car out of the parking lot and watched it drive south on St. Laurent and turn off towards Smyth Rd.

The car is described as a grey or silver Pontiac G6. He wasn’t able to get the licence plate number.

He said the man who took the dog — which actually belongs to his mother Jackie — looked familiar.

“I’ve seen him once or twice before," said Cyr. “I’ve seen him on the bus.”

He said he doesn’t know the man’s name and has no idea who he is.

The pet is named Sugar because it is completely white.

“It yelped and it upset me,” said Cyr. “As soon as they took off with it I tried grabbing the car, but they took off too fast and I really couldn’t do anything.”

The value of the dog is not known, but police are classifying the theft as being under $5,000. The puppy was a gift to Cyr’s mother from a friend of the family.

“We got it for free, but it’s still priceless to her,” he said.

Cyr and his mom have been canvassing the neighbourhood looking for their dog and letting others know to keep an eye out for possible dog-nappers. Jackie said police told the family this is the second report of a dog theft since May.

Police couldn’t confirm this.

When driving around looking for the puppy, Jackie said they bring their other dog, 11-year-old Bailey, with them.

“We tell her ‘look for Sugar,’ and she starts crying,” Jackie said.

Police are investigating the incident. Officers said Cyr is expected to come in this week and give a written statement because some of the details reported here differ from what he told officers Sunday.

Cyr said the man who grabbed the puppy had long black hair, a goatee and was wearing a black hat. He said the man appeared to be of Middle Eastern descent. In addition to him, there were two others — the driver and a back-seat passenger.

Anyone with information should call Ottawa police at 613-236-1222.
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