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I'm not saying that your statements are inaccurate. Sometimes that is the case.

Didn't care and couldn't be bothered coming out to investigate.
It's statements like this that slam the staff that bother me. While neither the OH nor I still work at MNR friends do and they care deeply. It's management, directed by their funding allocation, directed by govt. higher up, directed by the voters who control activity with the ministry. I wish people knew just how deeply the funding cuts affected MNR. Our local office sometimes has barely enough money to run a green and white once a week. That's why they can't come out.

Is moral down? Sure it is. It is hard to sit by and see a job you love and believe in go down the drain because healthcare and education get the bigger nod. Yet you need the job to feed your family. You need healthcare and education for them too. Unless you are in upper management don't think you'll be able to change the system from within.

I figured your profs might have worked for MNR. In 1981 when layoffs started (but most of the public did not know it yet) and I was laid off, those people were probably among the ones called "rats deserting the sinking ship" by a manager in my office. What could they do though? The sad thing is from your description they are not attacking the source of the problem, which is not the lower case lackey who works in the local office.

As to unreturned contact I can't speak to that. I've not had a problem. I reported a hunting infraction this spring and the C.O. contacted me right away and went to the area. He does know me though. I was told that they can't do anything unless they catch the perpetrator in action. Your local police are likely to tell you the same thing if you report many concerns. I agree, it is not right, but I understand they worry it might be a fabricated report by, say, a neighbour with a grudge.
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