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Originally Posted by BenMax View Post
What I don't understand is why was there only one trucker? With the dangers surrounding wildlife, would one not think of ensureing their employees personal safety by having two people to do this run? Weird.
Appaently there were two drivers doing the drive. Personally the drive should have been done in one shot...mainly for the stress of the animals. Not stop at a motel. Also apparently they were checking on the trailer every 15 mins..which I don't believe. If you are checking on it every 15 mins, what is the point of stopping obviously you are not sleeping. The story is has holes in it i feel, it doesn't add up. I also believe that these two individuals should be fired. Humane arrogance and error could have easily put these animals at more risk then what happened

Originally Posted by BenMax View Post
I intially thought that these animals would have been sold to a gaming facility.
I was thinking they would have been sold to the black market...illegal wildlife trade.
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