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Originally Posted by Chris21711 View Post
TQ -It took about 45 minutes for me to hear the CBC broadcast with the stops and starts on dial-up .....All I managed to pick up from it regarding the OSPCA, is that they were "monitoring the situation which to me means they are doing ZILCH....I too, am monitoring the situation.

Did I miss something more concrete than that?
They know very well right now that if they were to take over this would hit the fan. They are late in reacting and there involvement at this point will be worse. I am certain that they have looked at all angles and know that if they were to step in at this point, they would be monitored greatly by organizations as to the outcome of each animal they have in their possession. If anything happened to even one animal, they would be exposed. Also, I think that they want to remove themselves because there is more poison to be found. If people are not involved with them, they can continue their crusade of neglect without answering to anyone. At this point I am certain that the worst thing for them is having more eyes to monitor their day to day business.

Just my for what is worth.
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