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As regards MNR you need to look a little more deeply. Yes, the old schoolers are about to retire. Then we will lose years, decades of experience and dedication. MNR used to be the one ministry that was said to have staff who worked there because folks loved what they did. Thanks to people who vote with their own financial interests foremost in their pocket books (can't fault them for that) MNR took among the biggest hits when layoffs started in mass in 1996.

Because there was no funding MNR closed tree nurseries. Now we have Trees Ontario, a private consortium, bragging about planting a pitance of what MNR used to. C.O.s sometimes don't have money to put gas in their cruisers. For years C.O.s took their cruisers home so they could respond immediately. Now they have to drive to the office first.

MNR does not make a profit. That's a ridiculous statement. No govt. office does. Any money from driver's licenses or fishing licenses, oops not those, they are not allowed to sell them now, goes into McGuinty's pot. From there he disperses and not in the percentage in which it came.

MNR has always been at loggerheads with the agencies who do make a profit or who have big business vested behind them. The Alonquin Forest Authority, private campgrounds, Anglers and Hunters. Here the local office is not allowed to sell fishing licenses because private contrators do it and it would be a conflict with them, they use it to draw business in.

Plus MNR has a conflicted mandate of opposing interests.

MNR is a joke. Everybody who has retired (including me) and those unfortunates who haven't yet say so. They want to do their job. There is no money. Staff cuts may mean one person is now doing the job and covering the area of 3.

It's very, very sad. If you want to see wildlife issues addressed, and forestry protected and the double extended turkey hunt amended, talk to your MP. Try to gain support from other voters. Got to the source of the problem. If you don't, you'll just end up working in the same atmosphere as exists now.
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