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The vet looks under the micorscope, she has not said anything about sending it out for a culture.

Do you know what causes urinary tract infections? Vet just says it happens sometimes. But is there anything I can do to help prevent further infections?

Is it possible that she is going to long in her kennel. On an average day she spends 4-6 hours in her kennel while I'm away. She also spends the night in her kennel. I should mention she has never peed in her kennel. I just worry that I may be doing something that I shouldn't be. With my other dogs they were out of their kennels by about 6 months of age. She just seems to need the quiet time and I am not willing to have her out when I'm not home as she still chews on things when not supervised. She has been a bit harder to train because she was very badly treated before we rescued her at 13 weeks of age. She was initially very timid and very easily threatened. If our voices were loud at all she would hide in a corner, even if the tv was too loud. She is now pretty easy going and seems to want to play and make friends with everyone. She really is a great dog, I'm just really worried about her. The start to her life was terrible and it took her the first 2 1/2 months that we had her just to heal up (she had been badly bitten by other dogs and bites had not been treated, she was also malnourished and had worms). It jsut seems that she has been through a lot already and I would like to prevent her from further pain and discomfort. I now I'm rambling but I'm feeling frustrated and the vet just keeps putting her on antibiotics and doesn't really give any suggestions for preventing this sort of thing.

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