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She has gone from one antibiotic to another. No period of time between the two infections. Her medication is finished tomorrow. She has had 3 urine ananlysis done at this point. She has been on medication for 5 weeks now! Two different types. The vet went ahead with spaying her when she had an infection could this be part of the problem? I'm sending off another urine sample today as she started peeing in the house again on Sunday. I've never dealt with this with any of my other pets. Just not sure if I should be doing something else. She's a great dog and we just love her but we have spent over 1500.00 on vet bills since we rescued her and I would really like to get things cleared up. She cannot be feeling great. Are there things I can be doing at home to help her. We feed her a natural dog food and watch what treat we give her.

Thanks for any suggestions
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