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Exclamation Obsessive puppy with food and water

I'm curious if the boxer puppy resolved the obsessive drinking. I have a 4 month old bull terrior pup. She is obsessed with both water and food. We have to ration both......otherwise she will gulp down as fast as she can.

She has been to the vet and had many tests to rule out diabetes, etc. She is a healthy pup.

To reduce her possessiveness of food, I have started feeding her half of her food in the bowl, addiing 1/4 more food to the bowl and then the remainder of food is fed to her from my hand. I want her to begin associating people with giving....not taking away food. Its a work in progress.

However, I have not resolved the obsession with water. If it is a rainy day and I take her outside to go to the bathroom, she simply focuses on drinking from the puddles and then she releaves herself ALL over the floor.
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