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Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
We already have had proof that the OSPCA (higher ups) has not/is not doing their job. I don't know why we are surprised any more.
14+K - don't lose hope as this will force the organization to restructure and get the people in who are knowledgeable, resourceful and credible. Things like this happen when there are greedy bast@rds in position of power. This is like a bad pimple coming to a head, and then there will be change. Seen it before over and over again.

Cudos to the woman taking responsibility when it was not her mandate to do so. A hero for me personally though I have no clue who she is.

As for the man who died, it saddens me greatly as any life lost is horrendous especially if one loses his/her life trying to save others. I guess no one really knows why there were so many dogs, but worse than that, why the OSPCA turned their backs on a citizen who was struggling. Never mind the animal aspect here...but what about the human aspect? I love animals so much, but I have to tell you I love people as well and cannot understand how humans can turn a blind eye to someone struggling.

This story is a tragedy on so many levels. When will human beings start acting like the so called 'superior' beings. I really have to wonder where our world is going and why so much despair and neglect. I wish there was an answer to this as you would think that society would evolve at some point.
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