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I am certain Muslim people who only want to live in peace,is the majority,but not the ones we read about.

I just wish the arab world would join the 21st century and we could all live happily ever after,people of all color and faiths and care for all the animals in the world,before they are all gone,like you say,we are all Gods(Allahs)creatures.
I too am 1 million percent certain that the the vast vast vast vast majority of Muslims, Jews and Christians and atheists want to live in peace.

But to say that you wish Arabs would join the modern world is very provocative...
Personally I'd like people to reconsider their words when writing about other people's religions.

Every major religion that I know of has aspects of that religion that are not popular (depending on your particular belief - that phrase could be a major major understatement), every single one.

This forum is no place to bash the religion/traditions of other religions. We can talk about most anything around here as long as threads remain civil.

Thx - Marko
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