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Well said Rgeurts
Abe,sorry if I misunderstood the word"fatwa",but we hear it often and "fatwa "against westerners,is about the same as war,it's been proven time and again..
Kuwait is a reasonably wealthy country,I do not compare Kuwait with Iran,who has a nut-case for a leader.

As for Muslims in general,I cannot say,I carry any great respect,but yes,mostly due to the fanatics from 9/11 and thousands of other horrors committed in the name of Islam.

I am certain Muslim people who only want to live in peace,is the majority,but not the ones we read about.
I just wish we could all live happily ever after,people of all color and faiths and care for all the animals in the world,before they are all gone,like you say,we are all Gods(Allahs)creatures.
"The cruelest animal is the Human animal"
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