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Originally Posted by mikischo View Post
Thank you for your explanation, Abe. It does matter and is obviously needed. It is unfortunate that you and other members of your faith or any other faith for that matter are put in a position (on this board or elsewhere) where you need to defend or explain your religion. Unfortunately, there is far too much ignorance and misinformation about Islam here in North America, although I believe and hope that this is slowly changing.
i feel sometimes that i have to explain, and other times, i have to just grit my teeth and overlook someones rude comments (in real life or the internet.)

but its the few people who's thoughts arent taken away by the media (or whatever else) that really make you feel better.
"For those whom Islam has embraced, the greatest witness to God's unremitting, pursuing, sustaining, and guiding love is the Qu'ran. Like a vast magnificent ocean, it lures you deeper and deeper into its dazzling waves until you are swept into it. But instead of drowning in a sea of darkness, as described above, you find yourself immersed in an ocean of divine light and mercy." - Dr.Jeffrey Lang