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Would love to hear an update if any? Reading through the journal you have to wonder if they will be making another rescue attempt! All I can say is god bless the person that felt it in their heart to help these dogs that are clearly suffering. As human beings that all love animals we should really be more concerned about the plight of these suffering dogs than what we all beleive in. Which IMO is the dogs! Cant change things now! regardless of who is right or wrong, BUT we can help educate people and teach them and try to help people like Jean Luc!

It was so nice to read about how well behave these dogs were! Yes apparently some ferel type but mostly genuinely looking for help! It broke my heart to read about the remaining dogs waiting to be rescued hearing the train whistle and going absolutely crazy and thinking their master was coming!

RIP Jean Luc some do care and will take care of your dogs!
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