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No, Love4himies, I haven't been to Canada but do know how rugged (and beautiful) it is. I suppose I just can't get past all the misery, sickness and injuries those dogs would have suffered even before this man sadly died. Since he died it must have been like Hell for them. Seems like you have a massive problem in your country with uncontrolled dog breeding. I can't imagine an end to it.
We call Oz the lucky country, though often we say we are over-regulated. Well, if over-regulating means forcing people to look after dogs the way they do here then I'm all for it. We have vets outback who look after dogs in aboriginal communities, very strict Council rules in the civilised places, a really great RSPCA, and a Code of Ethics for Canine Council members that ensures in part that you don't mate bitches too young, or too often. Not a month goes by that there isn't a short list of people who've thought they could get away with breeding pups too often, which results in a $300 fine and suspension of membership, with worse to follow if it happens again. Lots of people might hate it, but I think it's great.
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