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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
Just 30 miles from me a person could get lost in the Grampians mountain range and die too, but I know what you mean, it's true wilderness where you are. Point is that when do you reach a point where it's best to start culling animals? Your shelters and the OSPCA can't be any different to here, there must be a limit to what they can do. One man alone should consider the what ifs. What if I die, what if I fall and break a leg, what happens to the dogs then? Those feral dogs are now having shocking deaths, a bullet might have been kinder. What I think is terribly sad is that he must have felt so alone with this increasing burden on his shoulders, not at all a happy life.
I am sure that had crossed his mind many times, however there was nobody to help him out and there is not one doubt in my mind that he did what his heart told him to do.

Our OSPCA has millions of dollars to shut down a no kill shelter in Toronto because they didn't like the living conditions of the animals there, but they don't have a penny to help out those who are of little means financially and are trying to give cats and dogs a better life. They get our tax money so IMO, they should be there to help out EVERYBODY who needs it.

Not sure if you have ever been to northern Canada, but it is true wilderness, it is so hard to comprehend the 100's of miles of pure wilderness unless you have been there. For hundreds and hundreds of miles it is so very sparsely populated, let alone have a vet handy. For this reason, I have sympathy for this man and don't compare him to other hoarders (which is a mental disease) who have easy access to vets and shelters, some even to low cost spay/neuter clinics.
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