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My Camping Trip Animal Photos

A collection of some photos from my camp trips! These were mostly all taken in the Muskoka area this past week. I saw some other animals, but of course didn't have access to my camera at the moment. This week I saw deer, wild turkey, snapping turtles, beavers, woodpeckers, a loon, and a pair of trumpeter swans. It was a very quiet trip, peaceful and nice to get away from the city. I really miss being out there and am already planning another trip in a few weeks! I think I'd be perfectly happy spending my entire summer camping out in the woods.

White Admiral Butterfly

American Toads


Blue Heron

Canadian Goose


Bull Frog

Painted Turtle


Raccoon - snuck into our picnic shelter on our last day camping and stole our leftover dinner! This was a very cheeky and curious raccoon, not scared of people and came right up to investigate my camera. I wish campers wouldn't feed the wildlife though, they've gotten pretty brave - raccoons snuck into our tent one night and stole all of Nova's dog food. They then proceeded to fight over it inside the picnic shelter and drag half of it off into the woods. Luckily I packed extra so the dog didn't go hungry!

Cody - Australian Shepherd
Nova - Border Collie
Sniper - Border Collie/Cattle Dog X
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