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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
We have our share of hoarders here too, chico2, no doubt full of good intentions, but because looking after vast numbers is beyond two people, let alone one, what generally happens is that the dogs become disease ridden, injured in fights, totally matted if they are long coated dogs, and of course a lot have temperament problems. And here, because it's not a 7 hour trip into the wilderness to do it, our RSPCA do act. They swoop in and confiscate the dogs, putting those to sleep that they think they have to. Finding homes for the rest.
If dogs have been able to be rescued, it means that those male dogs he was given could have been taken out of there, doesn't it? Instead he let them breed. More poor neglected dogs, which is very sad. Love4himies asked

Why wouldn't the SPCA help out his man and at least neutered the males , why, why, why????

Good question isn't it? Maybe he should have dumped those males on their doorstep, like people do here. Tie the dog to their fence and walk away. It is preferable to them reproducing.
There is no OSPCA up north here! I don't know where the closest one would there is NO DOORSTEP to dump them on up here! Also there is NO SHELTER...just volunteers working full time at other jobs and giving their free time to just help and foster dogs when they can in their own homes and feed them. They try to raise money in the community to help pay for the spaying and neutering and vaccines. The people trying to rescue these dogs ARE VOLUNTEERS! The OSPCA are a PAID government agency and they are no where around up here helping with these dogs.

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