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Originally Posted by Goldfields View Post
I know it's different there, the State I live in here would be very civilised in comparison to where that guy lives, but given that this fellow has added to your shelter woes in a major way it just seems strange that no-one mentions that he should not have kept that many. Obviously they were breeding, they can't have been cared for properly and I don't think the fact that he took in strays is a good thing unless he was having them desexed. It is nonetheless very sad that he died, tragic for this huge pack of dogs and pups.
The small town Cochrane, where people from my town have to travel 90 minutes on the hwy to catch the train to go to Toronto has another train called The Little Bear and another one I think called The Big Bear going north. Both go up to the James Bay coast to Moosenee and Moose Factory which is a Native Reserve. If u look north on a map u can see how far up James Bay is.

The Little Bear is one the natives use to go back and forth into's been many years since I've been up to Moosnee, but I went as a tourist...and took the Big Bear...I would say it took a good 6 hrs as the tracks are so bad. And there is nothing but forest, swamps, millions of black flies and mosquitoes, lots of bears, wolves lynx etc.

The native people do not keep their dogs in their homes they tie them outside or just let them roam...when the dog population gets too large they start shooting them. I'm sure that some of the ones get shot at found that man south of them.

So I think Jean was a hero for trying and help these dogs. Cause if he didn't they would of all been bear food.

Originally Posted by Chris21711 View Post
TQ - My mistake I asked my Daughter last night if there was a branch in Cochrane and was told "no"...from the FB group I got the impression that the OSPCA were in "talks" to see how they could assist. Maybe it is just "talk" though .....Also on FB one poster mentions the plight of the 100+ sled dogs in Quebec last year, that OUR own BenMax was involved with and how smoothly and efficiently that evacuation went.

I'm surprised that the UAN or Noah's Wish have not got involved

Goldfields - I don't think you quite understand the situation....This man lived deep in the bush, with no road access at all. He wasn't a man of means. How so many dogs ended up living with him, I can only surmise that the dogs were strays from trappers originally and they bred causing the population to expand....It isn't a matter of whether it was a good or bad idea to try and care for that many dogs, nobody can care for 200 dogs properly, he did what he could, he cared.

TQ - One option for catching the more timid dogs would be a Ketch Pole. If they could get a Livestock Vet on board that would be great, they have tranquilizer guns.

I that some organization will help out big time
The OSPCA has known about this man and his dog for years as I have found out tonight and they did nothing about it. To take some of the dogs or to help the man.

Our vet here in my town travels 90 minutes by hwy once a week to look after the animals in Cochrane,,,so Cochrane doesn't even have their own vet! It is smaller than our town and our town has only about 8,000. Ours is the largest town around, the next biggest is 2 hr hwy drive away. So Northern Ontario towns this far north are spread out and don't have much available.

I paid over 250 for spaying and neutering my cats. I don't know even if Jean could have afforded to get them fixed how that man could get his dogs into cochrane on the day that the vet was in town. And if he did he would have to stay in Cochrane for a few days cause the train doesn't run every day unless it's tourist season.

I found out today that 4 dogs were caught today...3 females 1 male.

Chris, I was thinking of one of those poles. When I worked at the Human society in Chatham the dog catcher used them. They might have worried they would scare the other dogs as they watched one of their fellow dogs get caught by that pole. I don't think it would of taken too long for the dogs to figure out that pole was bad news.
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