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TQ - My mistake I asked my Daughter last night if there was a branch in Cochrane and was told "no"...from the FB group I got the impression that the OSPCA were in "talks" to see how they could assist. Maybe it is just "talk" though .....Also on FB one poster mentions the plight of the 100+ sled dogs in Quebec last year, that OUR own BenMax was involved with and how smoothly and efficiently that evacuation went.

I'm surprised that the UAN or Noah's Wish have not got involved

Goldfields - I don't think you quite understand the situation....This man lived deep in the bush, with no road access at all. He wasn't a man of means. How so many dogs ended up living with him, I can only surmise that the dogs were strays from trappers originally and they bred causing the population to expand....It isn't a matter of whether it was a good or bad idea to try and care for that many dogs, nobody can care for 200 dogs properly, he did what he could, he cared.

TQ - One option for catching the more timid dogs would be a Ketch Pole. If they could get a Livestock Vet on board that would be great, they have tranquilizer guns.

I that some organization will help out big time
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