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hey everyone.

i got a call from my friend yesterday.

kiko is dead.

he found out that letting her outside (supervised) is something she enjoys. she comes back later on, and he takes her upstairs and she does her thing in the litter box, eats, and cuddle with him when he sleeps. perfect cat right?

well. about a week ago, his cousin was out with him, and he was talking to him, his cat went around the corner and he heard cat screams, more than one...

he said he rushed over, and he found kiko on the ground, not able to even get up, she was lying down.

he said he tried to get it to get up, and it couldnt., said it was dying.

he pushed (gently im guessing) on its abdomen and he said it stiffened.

anyhow, he took it back upstairs and said he checked it out (still alive btw).

he said there was no bite marks or anything like that. i asked if he checked its genetalia but he didnt. so i dont know if she got raped to death or somethin, it can happen.

i've heard of a donkey killing a another male young donkey by mounting it until its organs came out.

there was a video that was floating around the web awhile back about a man who had sex with a fully grown horse who supposedly died the next day.

anyhow, he said he couldnt handle it (emotionally) while it was dying, so he took it outside and wait for it to pass.

said "its eyes turned pitch black"

ugh... this is horrible.

whats the diagnosis?
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