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Smile Ok, how am I doing gurus?

I have 6 out of 7 eating wet food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!

In the process of looking for a new food (really wanted to at least get them on an all grain free diet), the dry's I tried sent 2 of my 3 hold outs heading for the canned wellness!!!! I find that they no longer like the turkey flavour though, something changed in it recently and so I tried chicken flavour and they go nuts for it! They don't all come running for it right away, as even though I feed in many different spots, the girls still like to hang back till the boys retire to the poopers.

And I think I've settled on Acana:Grasslands dry for now, I leave out only a small amount as I know Asker is still not interested in wet. I may have to do what I did with Smoke and seperate her and offer nothing but wet, I know if I can just get her to try it, she'll love it. When I tried mixing wet with the dry, not one of them would touch it...

Now as for how much canned they get, I put out a whole can of the largest size... mixed in 6 bowls with added warm water, so they are getting 1/2-3/4 cup each of the that enough? I do know that some of them pick at the dry throughout the day, I hope one can will do it, because even though I get them for $28/case of 12, money is super tight here and don't know if I can swing 2 cans a day.
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